Passover Pages of Sinai Temple
Games for Children

Click here to download 17 pages of Passover games and puzzles suitable for printing. And here are two other games:

Try these two “games” when you are telling the Story of Slavery or around the Ten Plagues

The leader reminds people that after the Tenth Plague the Israelites left Egypt and marched to the Red Sea. Imagine what it must have felt like to stand at the seashore and then (somehow) see the Sea split. Invite everyone present to think of a word that rhymes with Sea. Go round your table. Keep score to "see" how many rhyming words you can name.

Everyone around the table is involved. People are asked to think of a number, an adjective, a plural noun etc. When the results have been used to fill in the blanks, the leader then reads your family MAD LIB.

Passover Mad Libs©
By Baruch Sienna

__________(number) years ago, the Israelites were slaves to the ____________(adjective) Pharaoh of ____________(name of country). He made them build ____________(adjective) ____________(plural noun) and ____________ (plural noun). They cried out to God, and God heard their ____________ (plural noun). So God sent ____________ (person in room) to Pharaoh to say, "Let my people ____________ (verb). But Pharaoh wouldn't listen so God sent ____________ (number) _____________ (plural noun) to punish the Egyptians and to free the Israelites. First, the water turned to ____________ (liquid), then ____________ (animal) came out of the Nile, and ____________ (animal) infested the Egyptians. After ____________ (number) plagues, was the slaying of the ____________ (family member - cousin, brother etc.). The Israelites dipped a ____________ (plant) into the ____________ (liquid) of a ____________ (animal) and painted it on the ____________ (part of a house) of their houses. Pharaoh finally let the Israelites go - but because they left in such a hurry, they didn't have time to bake ____________ (food), and ate ____________ (Passover food) instead. The Israelites borrowed ____________ (household item) and ____________ (household item) from their neighbours and journeyed to ____________ (geographical place). The Egyptians chased after them and God saved them by ____________ (verb ending in -ing) the ____________ (noun). When the Egyptians were in the middle of the sea - God made the waters cover them. The Israelites were free, so every year we remember this story of Passover by eating ____________ (Passover food) and ____________ (Passover food).