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Celebrating Shabbat: How to do the traditional ceremonies

Celebrating Shabbat: Creative ways to make Friday/Saturday different

Take Back Your Time: Reflections and Poetry on reclaiming balance and peace

From an Interfaith Perspective

Amy Claver is the mother of two young children. She is Catholic; her husband is Jewish. In her blog, which is called, Loving the Tribe, she lovingly addresses Shabbat in several different ways.

From Around the Web

  • My Jewish Learning
  • This website provides information on all aspects of Jewish living. This link will take you to a comprehensive conversation about Shabbat in the 21st century.

  • Ideas from around the world of Reform Judaism
    Our national umbrella organization, the Union for Reform Judaism, has developed a “Shabbat initiative.” You can follow this link to see how Reform Jews across the country are approaching Shabbat.
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