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It’s possible to taste Shabbat in many ways. 

Here are more creative and unusual ways to consider the possibilities of the seventh day. 

Rabbi Susan Lipper of Los Altos, CA wrote these words for High School students, but, with a little imagination, it becomes clear she speaks to adults as well.

I’m going to tell you the truth as I see it:  Each of you matter.  You are important.  Your life right now matters, which means you need to take care of yourself.
Your first job is to take care of yourselves.
I know some of you are suffering too much to pay attention to anyone but yourself.  Some people may call you selfish.  But we know sometimes selfish is the only thing you can be.  I know that there are days and weeks when it’s all you can do to hold yourself together.
That’s OK.  Everyone has days when it’s all we can do to make it through school or work.  To brush our teeth.  To find shoes that match.
What you need is to give yourself a Minimum Day. 
Really.  It’s not wrong to go easy on yourselves sometimes.  Find a healthy way to get through the hard times.  Take a breath.  Take a break.  Take a bath.  Take a nap.  Take a walk.  Take a swim.  Take good care of yourself.  Take a MINIMUM DAY. 
That’s the main thing.

Rabbi Marcus Berstein has some ideas about his Sabbath pen.

I observe Shabbat by making the day different through personal actions that most people probably wouldn’t realize.  To make the day special, I wear certain favorite articles of clothing, use different shampoo and soaps than the rest of the week, and do other small activities to make the day different.  There are also activities that I don’t do on Shabbat – watch television, use my computer, or spend money.

Although writing is traditionally one of the activities that constitutes “work”, I do write in my journal, but only with a special pen.  My “Shabbat pen” is used on Shabbat, only to write in my journal.  This activity becomes kadosh – holy and set apart – from the rest of the week’s writing by the pen I use and the specific activity of writing in my journal.  It is one of several things I do to make Shabbat special.

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