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Your support of any fund is most welcome. If you wish to make a gift using the US Postal Service, please click on the link to the Gift Form; then click on the box next to the fund to which you wish to contribute, print the form, and mail it to Sinai Temple.

You can make an on-line donation by following this link.


• Rabbi's Discretionary Fund:

The Rabbi uses this fund for Tzedakah and the general needs of the community.

• Cantor's Discretionary Fund:

The Cantor uses this fund to enrich music programming at Sinai.

• Religious School Scholarship Fund:

This fund enables all temple families to be sure their child receives a full Jewish education.

• Religious School Special Projects Fund:

This fund provides our students with support for special projects as part of their religious instruction.

• Joseph Emanuel, Rabbi Herman Eliot and Adele Biederman Snyder Memorial Fund:

This scholarship fund enables teenagers to attend summer camps, retreats, and study programs.

• Library Fund:

This fund enriches our library.

• Shabbat Fund:

We use this fund to sponsor special Oneg Shabbat and Holiday activities throughout the year.

• Isaiah Fund for the Hungry:

Donations to this fund are distributed annually to local agencies serving the hungry and the homeless.

• Prayer Book Fund:

This fund enables us to purchase new prayer books and Torah commmentaries.

• World Crisis Fund:

This is the fund we use to notify congregants about political and moral emergencies in the world. All monies collected are sent to deal with whatever crisis we have as our focus.

• Baby Gift Fund:

Every Sinai baby along with his/her parents receives a Jewish bath toy as well as a Jewish parenting book when birthday number one arrives.

• Rabbi Jerome S. Gurland Human Relations Fund:

This fund distributes an annual award to a project which improves the quality of life in the Greater Springfield area.

• Temple Beautification Fund in memory of Bernerd Dunn:

We use this fund to beautify the gardens around the temple.

• Art Fund in memory of Andy Berger:

This fund allows us to organize art contests for all children at Sinai.

• Abraham and Edna Simons Camp Scholarship Fund:

This fund enables us to support youngsters who want to attend Jewish summer camp.

• Caring Community Fund in honor of Joan Rosenbaum:

This fund is a resource for building the feeling of community at Sinai.

• Susan M. Broh Tikkun Olam Fund:

This fund allows us to provide subsidies for young people spending their summers doing social action.

• Jewish National Fund:

This fund is used by those who want to plant a tree in Israel. The cost of a tree is $15.

• The Esther Pachman Fund for Children Under Five:

This fund This fund makes it possible for Sinai Temple to provide Tot Shabbat Services and other meaningful and engaging experiences for our youngest congregants (0-5 years old) and their families.

• The Berman Snieder Fund

This fund supports special programming requests on Israel from the Rabbi, Cantor, and the Religious School.

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