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Reform Jewish Movement Response to Iran Deal: Address Important Concerns, Focus on the Day After
August 19, 2015
To see how the Reform movement has responded to the "Iran Deal," follow this link.

Making Sense of Israel
Last summer Rabbi Shapiro sent materials to Sinai college students about the Gaza War. Although a year has passed, many of the underlying issues remain. Follow this link to see responses to such questions as:
  • Isn’t it time for the United States to rethink backing Israel?
  • Maybe both sides (the Israelis and the Palestinians) are wrong?
  • Why not have one country, a democratic shared state for Palestinians and Jews together?

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Sinai Temple is a welcoming and inclusive Reform Congregation where our members pursue a continuing journey of Jewish growth. We are guided by the history and tradition of the Jewish people as we encounter the challenges of the modern world. We encourage participation in prayer, life-long Jewish learning, and social justice within a joyful, creative, and compassionate community.

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